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AK Interactive Real Colors Aircraft – Modern are the highest quality acrylic lacquer, made from an improved chemical formula over other brands in the market.

The colors reproduce the original tones with highest accuracy for the most exigent modelers. Sprays smoothly through an airbrush; adheres to the surface and dries perfectly with a soft finish. Holds firmly all kind of weathering products. May be diluted with AK-Interactive’s specific thinner, or thinners from other manufacturers intended for acrylic lacquer paints (non-vinyl).

Three categories of paints:
Modern and WWII

Real Colors Aircraft Modern:
RC206 to RC219
RC221, RC222, RC223, RC226, RC228, RC229, RC231, RC234
RC236 – RC243
RC245, RC246, RC248, RC249
RC251 to RC254
RC297 to RC301
RC336 to RC338

AK Interactive Real Colors Aircraft brochure: 6.7MB PDF

Size: 10ml

Item: AKI-Real-Colors-Aircraft-Modern

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
AKI RC Air Modern

RC206 Russian Cockpit Torquise, RC207 Leuchtorange-Luminous Orange RAL 2005, RC208 Graublau-Grey Blue RAL 5008, RC209 Olive Green-USMC Green RAL 6003-FS34095, RC210 Silbergrau -Silver Grey RAL 7001, RC211 Grüngrau-Green Grey RAL 7009 MODERN, RC212 Basaltgrau-Basalt Grey RAL 7012, RC213 Steingrau-Stone Grey RAL 7030, RC214 Lichtgrau-Light Grey RAL 7035, RC215 Staubgrau-Dusty Grey RAL 7037, RC216 Quarzgrau-Quartz Grey RAL 7039, RC217 Seidengrau-Silk Grey RAL 7044, RC218 Olive Braun-Olive Brown RAL 8008, RC219 MNO 2036 Smalt Khaki Avion, RC221 ADC Grey FS 16473, RC222 Insignia White FS 17875, RC223 Tan FS 20400, RC226 Sand FS 33531, RC228 USMC Sand FS 33711, RC229 US Army Helo Drab FS 34031, RC231 Field Green FS 34097, RC234 Aggressor Blue FS 35109, RC236 Blue FS 35190, RC237 Medium Grey FS 35237, RC238 Light Blue FS 35414, RC239 Air Superiority Blue FS 35450, RC240 Light Sky Blue FS 35526, RC241 Duck Egg Blue FS 35622, RC242 Dark Eggplant Grey FS 36076, RC243 Grey FS 36081, RC245 Have Glass Grey, RC246 F-15 Dark Grey MOD EAGLE FS 36176, RC248 Aggressor Grey FS 36251, RC249 Medium Grey FS 36270, RC251 Dark Ghost Grey FS 36320, RC252 Light Ghost Grey FS 36375, RC253 Light Grey FS 36495, RC254 Camouflage Grey FS 36622, RC297 RAF Pru Blue BS381C-636, RC298 RAF Light Aircraft Grey BS381C-627, RC299 RAF Camouflage BARLEY Grey BS381C-626, RC300 RAF Dark Camouflage Grey BS381C-629, RC301 RAF Camouflage Beige HEMP BS 381C-389, RC336 MIG-25-MIG-31 Grey, RC337 MIG-29 Light Grey, RC338 MIG-29 Grey Green