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Highest quality acrylic lacquer varnish, made from an improved chemical formula over other brands in the market. Sprays smoothly through an airbrush; adheres to the surface and dries perfectly with a soft finish.

Holds firmly all kind of weathering products. May be diluted with AK-Interactive’s specific thinner, or thinners from other manufacturers intended for acrylic lacquer paints (non-vinyl), lacquer thinners, alcohol, or water.

Real Colors: RC001 to RC022

Size: 10ml

AK Interactive Real Colors brochure: 4.7MB PDF

Item: AKI-Real-Colors

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

RC001 Flat Black, RC002 Cream White RAL 9001, RC003 White Grey, RC004 Flat White, RC005 Signal Red, RC006 Red, RC007 Yellow, RC008 Maize Yellow, RC009 Orange, RC010 Pure Blue, RC011 Blue, RC012 Pure Green, RC013 Off White, RC014 Buff, RC015 Gun Metal, RC016 Ochre, RC017 Pale Blue, RC018 Pale Sand, RC019 Deck Tan, RC020 Aluminium, RC021 Pale Grey, RC022 Rubber Black, RC023 Olive Drab No9 No22, RC024 Olive Drab Faded, RC025 Dark Olive Drab No31, RC026 Olive Drab FS 34087, RC027 Forest Green FS 34079, RC028 Light Green FS 34151, RC029 No5 Earth Brown FS 30099, RC030 No6 Earth Yellow FS 30257, RC031 No8 Earth Red FS 30117, RC032 Desert Sand FS 30279, RC033 Khaki Green No3, RC034 SCC 1A Brown, RC035 SCC 2 Brown, RC036 SCC 14 Blue Black, RC037 SCC 15 Olive Drab, RC038 BSC No28 Silver Grey, RC039 BSC No34 Slate, RC040 BSC No61 Light Stone, RC041 BSC No64 Portland Stone, RC042 British Dark Olive Green PFI, RC043 British Desert Pink ZI, RC044 British Light Mud, RC045 BSC No49 Light Purple Brown, RC046 Elfenbein-Ivory RAL 1001, RC047 Olivgrun Olive Green RAL 6003, RC048 Feldgrau Field Grey RAL 6006, RC049 Grun Green RAL 6007, RC050 Dunkelgrun Dark Green RAL 6009, RC051 Marinegrau Navy Grey RAL 7002, RC052 Grau Grey RAL 7003 RLM 02, RC053 Graugrun Grey Green RAL 7008, RC054 Hellgrau Light Grey RAL 7009, RC055 Blaugrau Blue Grey RAL 7016, RC056 Dunkelbraun Dark Brown RAL 7017, RC057 Dunkelgrau Dark Grey 7021, RC058 Grau Grey RAL 7027, RC059 Dunkelgelb Nach Muster Dark Yellow, RC060 Dunkelgelb Dark Yellow RAL 7028, RC061 Dunkelgelb Ausgabe 44 Dark Yellow RAL 7028, RC062 Dunkelgelb Dark Yellow Variant, RC063 Gelbbraun-Yellow Brown RAL 8000, RC064 Erdgelb-Earth Yellow RAL 8002, RC065 Braun-Brown RAL 8010, RC066 Rot Rotbraun Red Brown RAL 8013, RC067 Rot Rotbraun Red Brown RAL 8012, RC068 Rotbraun-Red Brown RAL 8017, RC069 Braun-Brown RAL 8020, RC070 Common Protective – ZO, RC071 Black 6RP, RC072 Protective K, RC073 Protective 4BO, RC074 Dark Brown 6K, RC075 Sand 7K, RC076 Protective Green 1920S-1930S, RC077 ZB AU Basic Protector 36 A7, RC078 APC Interior Green FS24533, RC079 Carc Tan 686A, RC080 Nato Green RAL 6031 F9, RC081 Nato Brown RAL 8027 F9, RC082 Nato Black RAL 9021 F-9, RC083 Green FS 34102, RC084 Sand FS 30277, RC085 Field Drab FS 30118, RC086 Gelboliv Initial RAL 6014, RC087 Gelboliv Late RAL 6014, RC088 Sandbeige RAL 1039 – F9, RC089 Graubeige-Grey Beige RAL 1040-F9, RC090 Helloliv-Light Olive RAL 6040-F9, RC091 Tarngrau RAL 7050-F9, RC092 Sandbraun RAL 8031-F9, RC093 British Sand Yellow, RC094 IDF Sinai Grey since 1990, RC095 IDF Sinai Grey 1982, RC096 IDF Sinai Grey 1973, RC097 UAE Sand Dull, RC098 Russian Modern Green, RC099 Russian Greyish Yellow, RC100 Russian Grey Green, RC101 Egyptian Desert Sand, RC102 Syrian Republican Guard Desert Yellow, RC103 Libyan Army Desert Grey, RC104 Iraqi Army Desert Sand, RC105 Spanish Green, RC500 Flat Varnish, RC501 Satin Varnish, RC502 Gloss Varnish, RC503 Clear Red, RC504 Clear Blue, RC505 Clear Green, RC506 Clear Orange, RC507 Clear Yellow, RC508 Clear Smoke