Bandai Gundam F91 Version 2.0 MG 1/100 Scale 225751


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The F91’s face open gimmick is now correctly implemented and can split open to the sides or displayed with a solid piece. Shoulder fins and leg thrusters have a new deployment mechanism allowing for various angle adjustments. Weapons include Beam Rifle, 2 Beam Sabers, Beam Launcher, Beam Shield, deployable VSBR units, and display base stand. Runner x 18, stickers, dry decal, Instruction Manual.

While reproducing the flowing silhouette of F91 designed with F1 as a motif, it condenses the technology cultivated in the evolution project in a small aircraft.
– Adopting multiple structures in the abdominal duct, directing the sense of density. I use parts with extra finish for internal parts.
– Deepening the setting of Sanary ‘s latest high – performance MS F91, sculptures detailing the circuit as a motif in the inner frame.
– By adopting the light guiding parts inside the fuselage and setting the separately sold [light emitting unit (white) 2 light type] on the pedestal, heat discharged from the abdominal duct or backpack duct in maximum movable mode and [MEPE] Directed. Head with a face open gimmick and two non-deformed heads are included.
– Incorporating a new interpretation into the deployment gimmick of the shoulder fin, enabling delicate angle adjustment.
– Leg thrusters adopt interlocking gimmicks.
– VSBR can be deployed as configured. Other arms are also included such as beam launcher and beam shield.

Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in different colors
Snap together kit requires no glue
Pictorial instructions written in Japanese

Assembly and painting required. Kit does not include model cement glue, paint, and tools. Adult supervision where required.

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