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Airfix Models

Tamiya Black Panel Liner 87131 back in stock and New Airfix and Tamiya Kits

We now have stock again on the Tamiya Black Panel Line, item 87131:

and the following new kits:

New and Re-Stocks on Airfix and Tamiya Model Kits at Sunward Hobbies

We h ave had a major re-stock on Airfix and Tamiya model kits.

In addition, new tools and kits:
Tamiya Zimmerit Coating Applicator 1-35 35187

AK Interactive Primers Molotow Masking and Vallejo Re-stock at Sunward Hobbies

Now available from Sunward Hobbies:

AK Interactive Primers and Microfillers:

Molotow Masking Marker and Refill

with re-stock on 2mm Chrome Marker

New Tamiya Airfix and AMT Plastic Model Kits

We now have in stock new plastic model kits:

Tamiya and Airfix Plastic Model Kits Now Available

We now have Tamiya and Airfix:

Tamiya Model Kits:

Airfix Model Kits:

Also available is the Airfix 2016 Yearbook:

in stock and shipping across Canada.

New Model Kits December 6 2014

We now have the following new kits at our store:

Dragon- 88mm Flak 36

Hasegawa - Mikoyan-29 Fulcrum Ukrainian Air Force

Moebius - Batman

Polar Lights - Batmobile

Minicraft - A6M2 Zero


  • Flakpanzer Gepard
  • M3 Lee
  • British Armored Scout Car


New Products Available at Sunward November 2 2014

We now have available new products. Some in store and some also online:

In store:

  • New and restock on Airfix plastic model kits
  • Paint by Numbers
  • various plastic model kits

Also available in store and online:

Humbrol Maskol and Enamel Thinners:

New Kits Available July 5 2014

We are pleased to announce new kits available at Sunward Hobbies:


  • IAR-81C

A Model

  • JC-130A Hercules


  • Junkers Ju87-B

Trumpeter - Master Tools


  • Peterbilt California Hauler

Dragon 1/35:

Completed Models Now Available at Sunward Hobbies

We are pleased to announce completed models are available for sale at our retails store. 

These were supplied and or completed by our customers.

These models include:

New Airfix Revell Slinky More Rubiks Cube and Reeves Now Available

We are pleased to announce the available of new model kits at our store:


  • Messerschmitt Bf110E/E-2 Trop
  • BAe Harrier Gr.3
  • Consolidated B-24 B.VI

More Rubiks Cube



  • Foil Art
  • Sketching Art


  • '59 Chevy Impala
  • '64 Chevy Impala SS

these are available at our store:

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