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New Alcad II and Abteilung 502 at Sunward Hobbies

We now have the following availiable:

Alclad II Lacquer Paints Restock

We have received a restock on Alclad II Lacquer Paints:

Now in stock and shipping across Canada

New Alcad II Laquers Now Available

We are please to have the following new Alclad II products in stock:

Alclad II ALC 126 Hi-Shine Plus Aluminum

Alclad II ALC 315 Gloss Pale Grey Gray Base

New Products at Sunward Hobbies

We now have available online:
Chrome for Lexan Lacquer Spray Paint by Alclad 5114

Alclad II ALC-125 125 RAF R.A.F. High Speed Silver

Alclad II Paints Now In Stock

We have now restocked Alclad II paints.

In stock and shipping across Canada

Alclad II Paints now Available Online

Alclad quality paints are now also available online in addition to being available at our store.

Our new store is located at:

Alcad Paints now available in store

We are pleased to have available Alclad paints at our

we have moved to an online store:


They will be added to the website shortly.

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