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Badger Airbrush Re-Stock and New Items

We have re-stocked out line of Badger Airbrush.

Badger Aspire Pro TC-910 Re-Stock at Sunward Hobbies

We have had a large re-stock on Badger Aspire Pro TC910 airbrush compressors:

In addition, we have had many Badger airbrushes re-stocked:

Now shipping across Canada.

Badger Airbrush Restock and New Paints

We have just had a majot restock on Badger Airbushes, compressors, parts, and conversion kits:

New paints include:

Spectra Tex Auxiliary Products:

Restocks and New Items at Sunward Hobbies December 22 2016

We have had a large restock and some new items at Sunward Hobbies:

Badger Airbrush - large restock on airbrushes, compressors, and parts. New conversion kits:

Restock on Tamiya Paints including Black Panel Line Accent 87131:

Spectra-Tex Paints from Badger Now Available

We now have Spectra-Tex paints from Badger Airbrush now available at Sunward Hobbies.

These paints are perfect for a variety of surfaces including fabric, wood, canvas, paper, clay, etc with permanent results.

Colour selection Chart

Bake-Air Badger Airbrush Food Colouring Now Available

Bake-Air Badger Airbrush Now Available
High quality food colour perfect for cake decorating.

By Badger Airbrush

Now in stock and shipping across Canada.

Sunward Hobbies Becomes Badger Airbrush Company Dealer

We are now an official dealer for Badger airbrush Co.

Airbrushes and Compressors are now in stock and shipping across Canada.



look for more parts to be added!

Stynylrez Primer by Badger Airbrush Now Available at Sunward Hobbies

Quality water based acrylic polyurethane primers available in 6 colours and in 60 and 120ml

In stock and shipping across Canada

ModelFlex Paints from Badger Airbrush now Available

We are please to have a large selection of Badger Paints in stock.

These paint line include:

  • railroad
  • marine
  • automotive
  • military
  • auxiliary

Currently at a low introductory price!

In stock and shipping across Canada:

New Products Available November 2 2013

We are please to announce the availability of new products available in store and some online.

New plastic model kits:

  • Tamiya 1:25 scale Tiger tank
  • Tamiya M561 Gama Goat truck
  • RS Models Heinkel 12B
  • Tamiya Russian Armoured Truck BA-64B
  • Tamiya DeHavilland Mosquito
  • Star Trek Bridge Set by AMT

And available online and in store:

For paint supplies, the Badger Paint Mixer:

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