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New Comart Paints and Bottle

We are pleased to announce new paints and a new empty translucent bottle from ComArt / Iwata Medea.

These include:

  • Quin Red
  • Deep Red
  • Maroon
  • Naphthol Red

Available on line with other ComArt paints:

Also available is a new emplty translucent eye dropper style bottle from ComArt. The same bottle used in ComArt paints - 1 oz size.

New Iwata Tattoo Body Paints and Parts

We are pleased to announce new paints, paints sets, and parts for Iwata and Comart:

10 New ComArt Paint Sets:

Medea Body of Art Airbrush Body Paints - Temporary Tattoo Paint

Iwata Fall Promotion Now On Sunward Hobbies

We are happy to pass savings along from Iwata Medea.

Included are compressors and the airbrush cleaning station:
Smart Jet Compressor

New iwata Airbrush and Lower ComArt Paint Prices

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new airbrush from Iwata - the Revolution TR1 Pistol Grip and the optional Pistol Grip handle:

This airbrush uses a trgger type for easy use.

ComArt Airbrush Paints from Iwata Now Available

We are pleased to have available a large selection of ComArt Opaque Airbrush Paints from Iwata.

These paints are non-toxic and ready to use for airbrushing use.  No need to filter or strain the paints before use.

Now in stock and shipping across Canada. Currently 1 oz ( 29.5 ml ) size.

A colour paint chart is available at:

Paints are available at:

Iwata Airbrush and ComArt Paints Now Available

We are to announce tha availability of Iwata Airbrushes, Compressors, supplies. 

We now also carry a line of ComArt paint sets including:

  • Creature Paint Set by Steve Riojas
  • Steve Driscoll Flesh Tone Paint Set
  • Weathering Paint Set by Leslie Eaton

Now in stock and shipping across Canada

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