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New Bob Smith Industries BSI Glues and Epoxy at Sunward Hobbies

We have now extended our line of BSI glues at Sunward Hobbies:

These include combo packs, filler welding powder, Grip glue, sticker remover, and Pocket CA
Extender Tip.

In stock and shipping across Canada.

Bare Metal Foil Restock and Lower BSI Epoxy Pricing

We have a complete restock on Bare metal Foil products:

New, BSI 5 Minute Quik Cure Epoxy, large 9 oz/256g size:

BSI CA Glue restock and New Brushes from Leonhardy

We have had a major restock on BSI glues and epoxy.

BSI Cyanoacrylate CA Glue, Epoxy, and supplies restock

Ambroid, Squadron, and Duco Glues and Atlas and Microbrush Now Available

We are please to have in stock:


  • Ambroid 101 Liquid cement
  • Ambroid 126 Se-Cur-It Glue
  • Duco Cement
  • Squadron Plastic Welds


New Items at Sunward Hobbies December 8 2014

We are pleased to announce the following new items are now available:

New Foam Cure from Bob Smith Now Available

We are pleased to have available new Foam Cure adhesive - great for EPP - Expanded Polypropylene (such as foam airplanes) and other foams.

In stock and available from online and our retail store:

1oz size
and 4 oz size

They are available at our retail store:

Additional Epoxy From Bob Smith Now Available

We are pleased to have available an additonal product from Bob Smith Industries.

Now in store and online, is the 20 Minute Finish Cure Epoxy.

Available online:

with the full line online:

Also available at our store:

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