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Reduced Pricing on Magic the Gathering Booster Boxes

We have reduced the prices on remaining Magic the Gathering Fate Reforged and Dragons of Tarkir booster boxes.

Foreign languages included.

Limited quantities, no restock or rain checks.

Online shopping only.

Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease Kits Now Available from Sunward Hobbies

Each kit contains

  • 4  Dragons of Tarkir boosters
  • 1 Seeded booster of the chosen clan
  • 1 dice and 1 Fate Reforged booster.
  • Each seeded booster contains one exclusive rare or mythic promo!

Buy each kit individually or a set of 5:

  • Atarka
  • Dromoka
  • Kologhan
  • Ojutai
  • Silumgar

Supplies limited. These are hard to get! Shipping within Canada only.

Available online at:

Foreign Language Dragons of Tarkir Now Available

A limited number of Foreign Language Dragons of Tarkir is now available from Sunward Hobbies, online only. Shipping March 27.

available online:

These are hard to get! Shipping within Canada only.

Pax East Review and Pictures

We finally got back and have time to post a few pictures from the event.

A review:

this is my first year for Pax East and I went as a visitor.

I have been to large events in Chicago, Cleveland ( iHobby Expo), Toronto ( Fan Expo ) as an exhibitor I have also been to these events as a visitor.


  • by and large they were helpful
  • a couple did start late. I didn't have any that were full and had to refuse participants
  • learned a lot and worth attending

The show

Pax East Ticket for Next Week

Just got a ticket for next Sunday for Pax East in Boston. I will be attending!

Congratulations to Scott L for Winning Fate Reforged Game Day

The Magic the Gathering Fate reforged is over and was a success.  Top 8 players won the special Supplant Form card and rest also received the Mardu Shadowspear game day card.

First place, and the special Game Day mat went to Scott L.

Congratulations to David W and the rest of the players today!

Reminder Fate Reforged Game Day This Saturday at Sunward Hobbies

A reminder we will be holding a Magic the Gathering Fate reforged Game Day this Saturday February 14, 2015.

Please call ahead to reserve your spot.


New Pokemon and YuGiOh Magic the Gathering PreOrders at Sunward Hobbies

Now available for Pre-order:

Magic the Gathering Announces New Core Set

Wizards of the Coast, makers of Magic the Gathering has announced a new core set - Origins.

This will be the last core set as the release will be a 2 block set afterwards.

There are 272 cards in the deck.

Product Dates:

New Items at Sunward Hobbies February 2015

We are pleased to have the following are now available:

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