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High Power Motors

Another Visit for High Power Motor Storage Inspection

Had another inspection for the licence for the High Power Motor Storage.

Can't call it a magazine!

Everything in order.

CTI Pro75 and Pro98 Closures Back in Stock

Cesaroni now has new stock on Pro75 and Pro98 closures.

Limited supply as back orders are being filled.

Orders yours now for fast shipping.

Pro38 BULLETIN Forward Closure Failures

Earlier in this summer Cesaroni Technology Inc issued a bulletin as to possible Pro38 failures. Sunward Hobbies did not pass on this information as no orders for Pro38 were made during the affected time period.

There has been one claim from our clients so we are now issuing the information. Should any clients of Sunward Hobbies have any concerns, please contact us:

From Cesaroni Technology Inc:

CTI Motor Availability Update

Cesaroni Technology Inc - CTI issued a press release today.

This post is to summaries the effects on ordering high power motors from Sunward in the near future.

Our best wishes for Jeroen. We have no further updates on his condition.

The full press release: General-CTI-Statement-May-24-2016-v3-1.pdf

Questions and Answers on Club Projects

We received a few questions about Sunward's announcement to sponsor Canadian club projects. We put together this 'Question and Answer' to clarify the sponsorship:

Q - what is a club project?
A - The agreement, design, and construction of a rocket by a local club members.

Q - Is there any restriction on what kind of rocket can be built?
A - No. But it must be safe and follow rules for sanctioned events.

Q - Do we have to buy all the build parts from Sunward?
A - No. There is no requirement to buy tubes, kits, parts electronics, etc from Sunward.

Sunward to Provide Free High Power Motor for Canadian Club Projects

To promote rocketry across Canada, Sunward will sponsor qualifying clubs with a free CTI ProX line of rocket motors.

We will grant requests for a Pro75 motor and below. Shipped free of charge.

Rocketeer read "The Fine Print":

The Canadian Dollar CTI Reload Sale for Fire and Ice

Sunward presents a CTI reloads sale valid until February 10, 2016. Valid for Canadian buyers only.

This sale arrives just in time for the Fire and Ice rocket launch held in Viking, Alberta, on February 20 (with rain/snow days of 21, 27, 28)

This sale is limited to reloads only - Pro24 right through Pro150! Hardware is already on sale.

Buyers only pay an 18% premium for the dollar instead of the current rates of 46%.

Free shipping on reload orders over $175.00! Add hobby products, Estes motors, and igniters to save on shipping!

Price Increase on CTI Products for Canadian Orders December 24

Due to the falling dollar, prices in Canadian funds on CTI products will increase December 24.

All orders paid for by Wednesday December 23, 2015 will be at current prices.  Afterwards, the price for hardware and motors will increase.

Motors will be at a 40% exchange rate ( from the current 30%) and hardware will increase about 10% from current prices.

Due to the holidays and backlog at CTI, orders will take 1 to 2 weeks to process.  For in stock products at CTI only.

CTI Pro98 GEN 2 Hardware Now Available From Sunward

We are please to have available the new hardware in the Pro98 line for CTI motors.

These cases are now one piece and no longer have a piece attached on the thrust end of the case at the factory.

The Forward Closure and the Nozzle Holder are interchangable but the new Retaining Ring and the new Rear Retaining Ring are not. Threads are different.

All parts are now available online from Sunward:

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