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New Models and Paints Set Now at Sunward Hobbies

We are pleased to have the following new kits and sets in stock:
Tamiya Spray Paint TS Cobalt Green 89974 Limited Edition

Model Master Paints Now Available at Sunward Hobbies

We now have the complete line of Model Master Paints from Testors.

These include:

  • Car and Truck Enamels
  • Car and Truck Enamels spray cans
  • Federal Standard - FS
  • International Military and Figure Enamel Paints

Each listing includes the colour chart for the paint line.

A full colur selection chart is available:

Large Vallejo Paint and Kit Re-Stock

We have had a large re-stock of all Vallejo Paints and accessories. New stands, books, and paint sets:

In stock and shipping across Canada.

Badger Airbrush Restock and New Paints

We have just had a majot restock on Badger Airbushes, compressors, parts, and conversion kits:

New paints include:

Spectra Tex Auxiliary Products:

New Lifecolor Paints Sets and Alpha Abrasives Now Available

Now available:

Alclad II Lacquer Paints Restock

We have received a restock on Alclad II Lacquer Paints:

Now in stock and shipping across Canada

Humbrol Restock and Tamiya Markers Now Available

We have received a restock on Humbrol paints. Almost all now in stock:

Also now available are Tamiya enamel markers:

In stock and shipping across Canada.

Large Vallejo 200ml Pots Washes Available

Dipping Formula - Quick Shadow:
In a large 200ml pot with a wide mouth so that small figures can be quickly dipped and shaded.

Sepia Wash

Black Wash

In stock and shipping across Canada

Spectra-Tex Paints from Badger Now Available

We now have Spectra-Tex paints from Badger Airbrush now available at Sunward Hobbies.

These paints are perfect for a variety of surfaces including fabric, wood, canvas, paper, clay, etc with permanent results.

Colour selection Chart

Bake-Air Badger Airbrush Food Colouring Now Available

Bake-Air Badger Airbrush Now Available
High quality food colour perfect for cake decorating.

By Badger Airbrush

Now in stock and shipping across Canada.

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