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Plastic Cement

New Tamiya Cements and Auxiliary Products now in Stock

We now have in stock:

Ambroid Now Sold Out

We have now sold out of Ambroid 101 Liquid Cement

Ambroid, Squadron, and Duco Glues and Atlas and Microbrush Now Available

We are please to have in stock:


  • Ambroid 101 Liquid cement
  • Ambroid 126 Se-Cur-It Glue
  • Duco Cement
  • Squadron Plastic Welds


Tenax 7R and Balsa Sheets Now Available

We are please to announce Tenax 7R and assorted balsa sheets are now in stock and available.

Tenax 7R 7-R by Hebco LLC

Assorted Balsa Sheets

these are also available for ordering at our store:

Tamiya Paint Supplies Now Available Online

Additional Tamiya products are now available online:

Tamiya paint thinners, mixing jars, and primers:

Tamiya cement for Plastic:

New Italeri Humbrol Revell and Forbidden Planet Now Available

We are please to announce new products now in stock and ready for shipping across Canada:

New Bob Smith CA Glue, Testors Clear Cement, Testors Decal Making

We are please to announce new Bob Smith CA glues, bottle tips, and applicators:

Additional CA glues and Plastic Cement Now available

We now have additional BOB Smith brand CA glues.

In addition, we also have Testors Cement for Plastic models.

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