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Precision Tools

New Optics Sanding Block Vallejo and Tamiya now Available

We now have in stock the following new products:

Magnifier Visor with Lens and Light 9008

New Lifecolor Paints Sets and Alpha Abrasives Now Available

Now available:

Vallejo Putty Estes 29mm Motor Retainer and Trumpeter Putty Tray Now in Stock

New and available from Sunward Hobbies:

Tamiya TS96 Spruce Cutter and Empty Bottle Now Available

Now in stock and shipping across Canada:

Jar Stand and New Supplies from Tamiya

We now have available:
Bottled Paint Jar Stand with Alligator Clips by Tamiya 74077

Limonene Cement 40ml by Tamiya 87113

New Vallejo Tools and Paint Sets Now Available

We now have the following available:

Vallejo Paint Sets

Vallejo Stands

Vallejo Airflow Improver

Special Purchase on Xuron Tools

We are pleased to have a special purchase lot of high precision Xuron Tools.

Limited quantities! Available online and shipping across Canada:

Excel and Proedge restock at Sunward Hobbies

We have a large restock on Excel Hobby Blade and Proedge hobby tools at Sunward Hobbies.

Some items that have been out of stock for a while and now available, include:

4 inch square Purple Self-Healing Cutting Mat Pro 66639

New Products at Sunward Hobbies

We now have available online:
Chrome for Lexan Lacquer Spray Paint by Alclad 5114

Alclad II ALC-125 125 RAF R.A.F. High Speed Silver

Excel and Proedge Tools in Stock

We now have Excel and Proedge Tools back in stock.

Excel and Proedge are the same products made by the same comany, but just 2 different labels.

Online only and shipping across Canada

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