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Rocket Design

New Products at Sunward Hobbies February 25 2016

We are pleased to have the following in stock:

Limited Number of Estes Mercury Redstone Kit 2167 Liberty Bell Now Available

A very limited number of Estes Mercury Redstone Kit 2167 Liberty Bell are now available.

No reserves. No Hold. First come - first served.

and at our store

Sunward Acquires Advanced Rocketry Group Rocket Kits


Sunward announced today it has acquired the inventory, designs, and intellectual property rights for previously designed rocket kits by Advanced Rocketry Group Limited (ARG).

The acquisition of ARG allows Sunward to enter the scale model rocket kit market for the first time. This line of high quality scale model rocket kits features over 40 designs with many using custom made tubing and parts.

Special Purchase Redstone Kits


Thanks to all who participated.

The Mercury Redstone kits and the Cosmic Cobra kits are sold out.

There are still some stage prop tribble still available.

Special Purchase Estes Mercury Redstone 2167 and Stage Props


We have obtained limited product through a special purchase.  Limited Quantities.

Lots of BT80 Balsa Couplers

Production run of BT80 balsa couplers.  Ready to be bagged and labelled.

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