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Rocket Parts

BT56 5 inch Plastic Nose Cone Now Available from Sunward

We now have a plastic BT56 nose cones in stock.

New Products at Sunward Hobbies February 25 2016

We are pleased to have the following in stock:

E Size Metal Motor Now Available at Sunward

These are for the larger E motors - length 3.75" / 9.6 cm

In stock and available online:

High Power Nose Cones and Boat Tail Now Available from Sunward

We are please to have the following nose cones for high power builds:

Estes Blast Deflector Plate Now Available

We are pleased to announce the availability of replacement Estes Blast Deflector Plates.

They are available online at:

or at our store

Lots of BT80 Balsa Couplers

Production run of BT80 balsa couplers.  Ready to be bagged and labelled.

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