High Power Parachute Recovery Estate Sale March 2018

email: info@sunwardhobbies.ca Sunward is please to announce an estate sale of a rocket builder. Next up for sale is a line of parachutes. Shipping worldwide. Pricing is in Canadian / US Dollars dollars. Price is for each. NO HOLDS. The Rocketman Parachutes R14C-PE – appears new – 247.00/190.00 R18C-PE – new – 312.00/240.00 R18C-PE with … Read more

RMS Aerotech CTI Pro-X Dr Rocket Engine & Hardware Estate Sale March 2018

email: info@sunwardhobbies.ca Sunward is please to announce an estate sale of a rocket builder. First for sale is the motors and hardware. Shipping of Motors to Canada only. Hardware and Hypertek may ship worldwide. Pricing is in CANADIAN dollars. Price is for each. NO HOLDS. Aerotech 29mm reload kit RDK-07plus – 20.00 Hypertek HT-J-FG fuel … Read more

Milliput Putty Re-Stock

We have re-stock the entire line of Milliput Putty at Sunward Hobbies. The line includes: Fine Black Silver Grey Standard Yellow-Grey Superfine White Terracotta in stock and shipping across Canada: https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/fillers-and-putty/

New Abteilung 502 Books AK Interactive Humbrol Mr Putty at Sunward Hobbies

New at Sunward Hobbies: Panther External Appearance & Design Changes Abteilung 502 ABT601 https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/panther-external-appearance-design-changes-abteilung-502-abt601/ DAMAGED MAGAZINE ISSUE 01 Abteilung 502 ABT701 https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/damaged-magazine-issue-01-abteilung-502-abt701/ DAMAGED MAGAZINE ISSUE 02 Abteilung 502 ABT703 https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/damaged-magazine-issue-02-abteilung-502-abt703/ AK Interactive Diorama https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/ak-interactive-diorama/ Humbrol Enamel Varnish Spray https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/humbrol-enamel-spray-paint/ Model Master Car and Truck Spray Paint 2921 Classic Black https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/model-master-car-truck-spray-paint-2921-classic-black/ Mr Dissolved Putty Mr Hobby … Read more

Tamiya XF87 and Light Grey Panel Liner Now at Sunward Hobbies

New and now available: Tamiya Acrylic Paints XF87 XF-87 81787 IJN Gray Grey Maizuru Arsenal https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/tamiya-acrylic-paints-xf87-xf-87-81787-ijn-gray-grey-maizuru-arsenal/ Light Gray Grey Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color 87189 https://www.sunwardhobbies.ca/light-gray-grey-tamiya-panel-line-accent-color-87189/ in stock and shipping across Camada