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Grip-it™ has been specifically formulated for applying grips and mats for recreational vehicles. Grip-It™ works great on all makes of grips for motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles and bicycles. Grip-It™ has a 10-25 second working time and the grip is rideable within 5 minutes. Grip-It™ also works great for replacing rubber mats. Available in a 1 oz. bottle that will bond up to 12 sets of grips.

Clean the bar area with rubbing alcohol. Unscrew top from nozzle. For finer applications, use the extender tip. Before applying any glue to the grip, have a disposable rag or paper towel within reach to be able to quickly wipe away any excess glue during application. Also place a piece of cardboard or paper plate below the working area to catch any excess glue drip. Apply 4 small beads of Grip-It™ to outer 2″ of the handle bar, then apply a generous amount of Grip-It™ to the inside flange of the grip. Align the grip before sliding on, then slide the grip quickly into place. You may need to slightly twist and turn the grip as you slide it into position. Once in position wipe away any excess glue. Glue will set in 10-25 seconds. NOTE: On twist throttles replace sleeve if damaged. Cover any vent holes in sleeve to prevent bonding with handlebar.

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Item: BSI-222H

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