Cambridge Rocket Club Launch and Lunch for Saturday December 7th 2019 A GO!

Start time: 11:00Am
Lunch at Cambridge East Side Mario afterwards
2020 Launch Schedule Posted

The Cambridge Rocket Club December 7th Launch and Lunch is a GO. The current weather forecast calls for cold temperatures (high of -4 degrees), overcast and light winds (less than 10 kph). These winter conditions are challenging but doable for the most hardy model rocketeer. Start time at the 510 Mohawk Road launch site is 11:00am in the morning and if conditions permit, we will host a mini launch. The club multi launch system will NOT be brought out and we ask that those wishing to participate bring their own launch systems or arrange to use someone else’s. Please let me know if you wish to participate in the launch so that I can determine if there is sufficient interest to host this event.

Regardless of the status of the mini launch, we will be having an end of season lunch. The lunch will be held at the Cambridge East Side Mario’s located at 355 Hespeler Road (next to the Odeon Cineplex Theatre). The start time for the lunch will be determined by the length of the mini launch (if any). If you wish to attend the lunch but not the launch, please email me on Saturday morning and I will update you. Once again, please let me know if you will be joining us for lunch so that I can have the required seats set aside for us.

I understand that most members do not want to participate in a cold weather launch and that many will have a large distance to travel for the lunch. I am hopeful and look very much forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Saturday.

2020 Launch Schedule Posted

The new schedule has now been posted on Cambridge Rocketry Club’s website.

The first launch of 2020 will be April 18/19.

Should weather permit, there will be smaller launches earlier in 2020.

All luanches to take place at LS5 Mohawk Road.

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