Cambridge Rocket Club Launch for Saturday February 10 2018 A GO!

A GO! for Saturday! The last launch for the year.

Please bring your own launchers if available. Prepare for the cold weather – this is now February.

The weather forecast for Saturdays scheduled Cambridge Rocket Club launch calls for cold temperatures (-6 degrees), light winds (<10 KPH) from the North East and chance of light flurries. This means that we will have a low ceiling but favourable winds to deal with. Our launch is a GO so those wishing to come up, please be prepared. This is a Mini-launch and you are asked to bring your own launchers. I will have launching equipment available for those in need.

The launch will be held at the Mohawk launch site and we will be starting at 10:00 a.m. We will stay on site as long as required. For those that plan to attend, please let me know so I have an idea how many to expect.

Hours: 10:30 – TBD

LS5 Mohawk Rd.

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