Cambridge Rocket Club Launch for Saturday June 2 2018 A GO!

The launch Cambridge Rocket Club launch scheduled for Saturday June 2, 2018 is A GO! A 2pm late start, BBQ, and Night Launch.

Hours: 2:00pm – TBD

The weather forecast is for clear skies in the afternoon with a 21 degree high temperature. The winds will be around 15 kph at noon from the North East and diminish as the day turns to evening.

The launch will officially begin at 2:00 in the afternoon followed by a BBQ. Burgers and hot dogs will be free for paid members and $3. & $2. respectfully for guests.

If you have not already done so, please let me know if you are coming and how many guests may be with you so that we can determine how much food is required. The scheduled night launch will proceed only if there is sufficient interest. Remember, all night MUST be illuminated.

Club information:

Cambridge Rocket Club Logo
Cambridge Rocket Club Logo