Cambridge Rocket Club Launch for Saturday October 3rd 2020 A GO!

The Cambridge Rocket Club launch rescheduled for Saturday October 3rd is a GO. The weather forecast is for cool temperatures, light to moderate winds under mostly overcast skies. These conditions should be ideal as we start winding down our 2020 launch season. Please come prepared for the weather conditions.

I must once again remind everyone that we are limited to no more that 25 people at our gathering at any given time and ask each member to be respectful and try to limit the numbers of family members or guests you bring along. Priority will always be given to our active club members. If you show up and we have reached our limit, you will be asked to remain near your parked car, well away from the launch area. As the day goes on, some people will be leaving early allowing those waiting (if any) an opportunity to come forward. We must adhere to these provincial emergency measures order and I ask for your patience and co-operation.

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