CTI Motor Availability Update

Cesaroni Technology Inc – CTI issued a press release today.

This post is to summaries the effects on ordering high power motors from Sunward in the near future.

Our best wishes for Jeroen. We have no further updates on his condition.

The full press release: General-CTI-Statement-May-24-2016-v3-1.pdf

When ordering from Sunward, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for ordering motors. This is in addition to the time required to confirm availability and shipping time. Please plan for flexibility in the motor being ordered. Do not wait to order.

In summary, motor availability, as of May 2016,

Short term – current to 3 month window:

  • current stock only
  • limited on Pro54
  • very limited on Pro75 and Pro98

Mid term – 2 – 8 months

  • Pro24: lots of Vmax, WhiteT, Classic available (shortage amongst others propellants)
  • Pro29-54; most types available (a few propellants may have shortages)
  • Pro75-98 will have limited production
  • No Pro54 Longburn
  • No Pro75 6G (M3700)
  • Some shortages anticipated with Vmax, WhiteT, and C-star propellant in general

Long term – 6 – 18 months

  • 90-100% full production
  • Potential delays in Pro54 Longburn
  • Potential delays in Pro75 6G (M3700)

Sunward will post updates as they are available.

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