GodHand Line Engraving File Super Small and Grip set For Left Hand GH-SBYS-GL


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Savior streak carving rasp set
right-hand direction of the mold carving will be left on the sand surface.
One side dressing thin streaks compared to the double-sided dressing Horeru.
Also effective at the time of the guide tape use! Easy to change direction because chamfered structure resistance is small. Relatively aiming line can draw freehand.
Accessories comes with a handle that workability of streaks carving rasp is up.
Corresponding to the dressing rasp 80 mm.
Easy to hold workability UP.
Original wooden grip which corresponds also to the commercially available “dressing rasp”.
Small and difficult to hold, to cover the corners painful rasp body, to improve the workability.
Safety warning
Please use on the check always the instruction manual.

Line Engraving File Super Small aand Grip set (For Left Hand)

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