LED Reading Glasses Eyeglasses Strength 1.00 Brown

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Brown Finish

Hot Stylish Built-in Ultra Bright LED Lights
Hand Free Unisex Multi Strength Easy Touch Switch
LED Reading Glasses Eyeglass Spectacle Diopter Magnifier Light Up + Batteries

Power Source: uses 4 CR927 batteries included

Strength: +1.00

See the attached image for help in selecting the best correction value.


  • super bright LED’s in each corner of the lenses
  • Stylish LED light clear vision reading glasses.
  • Great as your main pair for travel or a wonderful extra pair
  • Handy for building models
  • Available in Diopters power:+1.00,+1.50,+2.00,+2.50,+3.00,+3.50,
  • Fashion glasses help you to have a clear vision with or without the lights
  • comes with protective clear case
  • Up to 50 Hour Battery Life

Item Model: RG-2-1.00-brown

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For near vision and reading only. Only regualr examinations by professional eye experts can help to determine your viaual needs and eye condition.
Not for driving or vehicle operation.
Not for distance vision.
Not for use as eye protection.

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