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Mr Color is a paint that has long been regarded highly by modelers all over the world as a model paint that delivers an excellent finish.

There are a large number of colors and color types and they are suitable for painting most models.

When using a paint brush, 1 to coats are recommended. When using an air brush, 2 to 3 coats after diluting to a ratio of 1 (MR COLOR) : 1 to 2 (Mr. thinner). Mix in 5 to 10% of Flat Base to give glossy colors a semigloss finish, or 10 to 20% for a matte finish.

Mr Color Brochure pdf: Mr Color Paint Brochure


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Mr Color Aircraft

C11 Light Gull Gray SemiGloss, C12 Olive Drab 1 USAF Army SemiGloss, C13 Neutral Gray SemiGloss, C14 Navy Blue SemiGloss, C15 – IJN Green Nakajima SemiGloss, C16 IJA Green SemiGloss, C17 RLM71 Dark Green SemiGloss, C18 RLM70 Black Green SemiGloss, C19 Sandy Brown SemiGloss, C20 Light Blue SemiGloss, C21 Middle Stone SemiGloss, C22 Dark Earth SemiGloss, C23 Dark Green 2 SemiGloss, C25 Dark Seagray SemiGloss, C26 Duck Egg Green SemiGloss, C27 Interior Green SemiGloss, C35 IJN Gray Mitsubishi SemiGloss, C36 RLM74 Gray Green SemiGloss, C37 RLM75 Gray Violet SemiGloss, C57 Metallic Blue Green Metallic, C58 Orange Yellow SemiGloss, C59 Orange SemiGloss, C60 RLM02 Gray SemiGloss, C72 Intermediate Blue SemiGloss, C73 Aircraft Gray Gloss, C74 Air Superiority Blue Gloss, C113 RLM04 Yellow SemiGloss, C114 RLM23 SemiGloss, C115 RLM65 Light Blue SemiGloss, C116 RLM66 Black Gray SemiGloss, C117 RLM76 Light Blue SemiGloss, C118 RLM78 Light Blue SemiGloss, C119 RLM76 Sand Yellow SemiGloss, C120 RLM80 Olive Green SemiGloss, C121 RLM81 Brown Violet SemiGloss, C122 RLM82 Light Green SemiGloss, C123 RLM83 Dark Green SemiGloss, C124 Dark Green Mitsubishi SemiGloss, C125 Cowling Color SemiGloss, C126 Cockpit Color SemiGloss, C127 Cockpit Color Nakajima SemiGloss, C128 Gray Green SemiGloss, C129 Dark Green Nakajima SemiGloss, C130 Dark Green SemiGloss, C131 Propeller Color SemiGloss, C137 Tire Black Flat, C301 Gray FS36081 SemiGloss, C302 Green FS34092 SemiGloss, C303 Green FS34102 SemiGloss, C304 Olive Drab FS34087 SemiGloss, C305 Grey FS36118 SemiGloss, C306 Gray FS36270 SemiGloss, C307 Gray FS36320 SemiGloss, C308 Grey FS36375 SemiGloss, C309 Green FS34079 SemiGloss, C310 Brown FS30219 SemiGloss, C311 Gray FS36622 SemiGloss, C312 Green FS34227 SemiGloss, C313 Yellow FS33531 SemiGloss, C314 Blue FS35622 SemiGloss, C315 Gray FS16440 SemiGloss, C316 White FS17875 Gloss, C317 Grey FS36231 SemiGloss, C318 Radome SemiGloss, C319 Light Green SemiGloss, C320 Dark Green SemiGloss, C321 Light Brown SemiGloss, C322 Phthalo Cyanne Blue Gloss, C323 Light Blue Gloss, C324 Light Gray Flat, C325 Gray FS26440 SemiGloss, C326 Blue FS15044 Gloss, C327 Red FS11136 Gloss, C328 Blue FS15050 Gloss, C329 Yellow FS13538 Gloss, C330 Dark Green BS381C 641 SemiGloss, C331 Dark Seagray BS381C 638 SemiGloss, C332 Light Aircraft Gray BS381C 627 SemiGloss, C333 Extra Dark Seagray BS381C 640 SemiGloss, C334 Barley Gray BS4800 18B21 SemiGloss, C335 Medium Seagray BS381C 637 SemiGloss, C336 Hemp BS4800 10B21 SemiGloss, C337 Greyish Blue FS35237 SemiGloss, C338 Light Gray FS36495 SemiGloss, C339 Engine Gray FS16081 Gloss, C340 Field Green FS34097 SemiGloss