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Mr Color is a paint that has long been regarded highly by modelers all over the world as a model paint that delivers an excellent finish.

There are a large number of colors and color types and they are suitable for painting most models.

When using a paint brush, 1 to coats are recommended. When using an air brush, 2 to 3 coats after diluting to a ratio of 1 (MR COLOR) : 1 to 2 (Mr. thinner). Mix in 5 to 10% of Flat Base to give glossy colors a semigloss finish, or 10 to 20% for a matte finish.

Mr Color Brochure pdf: Mr Color Paint Brochure


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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Mr Color Primary

C1 White Gloss, C2 Black Gloss, C3 Red Gloss, C4 Yellow Gloss, C5 Blue Gloss, C6 Green Gloss, C7 Brown Gloss, C8 Silver Metallic, C9 Gold Metallic, C10 Copper Metallic, C28 Steel Metallic, C30 Flat Base Flat, C33 Flat Black Flat, C34 Sky Blue Gloss, C42 Mahogany SemiGloss, C43 Wood Brown SemiGloss, C46 Clear Gloss, C47 Clear Red Gloss, C48 Clear Yellow Gloss, C49 Clear Orange Gloss, C50 Clear Blue Gloss, C51 Flesh SemiGloss, C62 Flat White Flat, C63 Pink Gloss, C67 Purple Gloss, C71 Midnight Blue SemiGloss, C79 Shine Red Gloss, C80 Cobalt Blue SemiGloss, C81 Russet Gloss, C90 Shine Silver Metallic, C92 Semi Gloss Black, C97 Light Gray Gloss, C100 Wine Red Gloss, C104 Gun Chrome Metallic Gloss, C107 Character White SemiGloss, C108 Character Red SemiGloss, C109 Character Yellow SemiGloss, C110 Character Blue SemiGloss, C111 Character Flesh SemiGloss, C112 Character Flesh 2 SemiGloss, C138 Clear Green Gloss, C171 Fluorescent Red Gloss, C172 Fluorescent Yellow Gloss, C173 Fluorescent Orange Gloss, C174 Fluorescent Pink Gloss, C175 Fluorescent Green Gloss, C181 Super Clear SemiGloss, C182 Flat Clear Flat, C183 Super Clear Gray Tone SemiGloss, C188 Flat Base Rough, C189 Flat Base Smooth