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Testors Enamel

Testors Enamel

Testors Enamel Paints

Testors Enamel in convenient 1/4 oz size.

For a complete selection of Testors Enamel Paints, please see our selection chart

Testor All purpose Enamels are fast drying, easy to apply and can be used on many kinds of surfaces. Finely ground pigments mean superb flow and coverage.

All colours are carefully controlled from batch to batch and each bottle color exactly matches its corresponding aerosol spray color.

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Full Set of 83 Testors Enamel Colors Colours Colors PaintsFull Set of 83 Testors Enamel Colors Colours Colors Paints$184.99
Testors Glosscote Clear Lacquer 1161Testors Glosscote Clear Lacquer 1161$5.29
Testors Thinner Cleaner  1156Testors Thinner Cleaner 1156$4.59
Testors Decal Set 8804Testors Decal Set 8804$2.29
Testors Dullcoat Lacquer 1160Testors Dullcoat Lacquer 1160$5.29
Testors Enamel Paint 1103 RedwTestors Enamel Paint 1103 Red$2.29
Testors Enamel Paint 1104 Dark RedTestors Enamel Paint 1104 Dark Red$2.29
Testors Enamel Paint 1105 Stop Light RedTestors Enamel Paint 1105 Stop Light Red$2.29
Testors Enamel Paint 1106 Cobalt BlueTestors Enamel Paint 1106 Cobalt Blue$2.29
Testors Enamel Paint 1107 TurquoiseTestors Enamel Paint 1107 Turquoise$2.29
Testors Enamel Paint 1108 Light BlueTestors Enamel Paint 1108 Light Blue$2.29
Testors Enamel Paint 1109 Arctic Blue MetallicTestors Enamel Paint 1109 Arctic Blue Metallic$2.29