Pro150 Motors

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for conditions. Prices in US dollars. Exchange rate surcharges apply.

The following is the current product listing for Cesaroni CTI Pro-150 motors.  Please allow enough time to check for factory inventory and to deliver to your location.  HAZMAT and shipping fees may apply.  Pickup is free.

Proof of membership in CAR-ACF, Tripoli, or NAR may be required – please provide with your order.  

All CTI products are for sale to Age 18 and up.

Phone 416-953-1847 or email

Pro150 Reload Kits Part Number Notes Price
(1.3C Shipping only)      
30k Reload Kit- White Thunder O5800-P   2299.95
40k Reload Kit- White Thunder O8000-P   3099.95
40k Reload Kit- Blue Streak O4900-P   3099.95
40k Reload Kit- Skidmark O3700-P   3099.95
Pro130 Reload Kits ( 1.3C Shipping)      
O25,000 VMAX – special order xxx   Call