Pro150 Motors

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for conditions. Prices in US dollars. Exchange rate and surcharges apply.

The following is the current product listing for Cesaroni CTI Pro-150 motors.  Please allow enough time for manufacturing and delivery to your location.  All Pro-150 motors are special order. HAZMAT and shipping fees may apply.  Pickup is free.

For Pro150 / 1.3C motors, the following are required for sale:

All Sales: registered with the Controlled Goods Program

For sales exported from Canada, export licences from:

  • Global Affairs Canada

Proof of membership in CAR-ACF, Tripoli, or NAR may be required – please provide with your order. All CTI products are for sale to Age 18 and up.

Phone 416-953-1847 or email

Pro150 Reload KitsPart NumberPrice
(1.3C Shipping only)
30k Reload Kit- White ThunderO5800-P2899.95
40k Reload Kit- White ThunderO8000-P3975.95
40k Reload Kit- Blue StreakO4900-P3975.95
40k Reload Kit- SkidmarkO3700-P3975.95
Pro130 Reload Kits ( 1.3C Shipping)
O25,000 VMAX – special orderxxxCall