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SCHMIDT Spiele is a major German manufacturer of jigsaw puzzles with sturdy boxes, thick pieces, and good image reproduction. Although their puzzles have a standard grid cut, their piece lines are a bit quirky and they have more variety of piece shapes than most grid cut puzzles. The final puzzle fit is seamless. SCHMIDT offers an extensive range of jigsaw puzzles suitable for all age groups, with piece counts varying between 10 and 3, 000 and a wide selection of both conventional and fantasy images.

Product information:

  • Extremely high-quality jigsaw puzzles manufactured by SCHMIDT Spiele
  • The pieces are smooth-edged, well fitting, extra thick and varied with stunning detail, lots of color and depth
  • Made in Germany
  • 1000 pieces
  • Put down your screens and gadgets to engage and physically create something

Assembly required. Puzzle does not include any glue or backing. Adult supervision where required.

Contents subject to change. Price includes in store coupon.

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