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Excel Blades #15 Narrow Saw Blade is a precision instrument engineered to make small interior cuts in different materials. We coat the blade with a thin layer of oil for rust protection. This versatile replacement blade fits all standard light to medium duty craft knives including Xacto Knife.

Made in the USA, the #15 Narrow Saw Blade is ideal for small, fine detailed work. The size of this blade makes it easier to make cuts in tight or small places. It is best for cutting and trimming through brass tube, solid rod stock, plastic, wood, soft or thin metals, balsa wood, forge world resin, cork, foam, card-stock, pumpkin carving and most other light-medium duty crafting. This blade is used by model makers, graphic artists, designers, hobbyist, scrapbook artists, wood carvers, pumpkin carvers and crafters and more for the ultimate precision.

The #15 Narrow Saw Blade fits with Excel Blades K2, K5 & K6
Includes a pack of (5) #15 Narrow Saw Blades
L – 2.200/ H – 0.338/ E – 2.200/ S – 0.338/ T – 0.022/ TPI – 24

Excel or Proedge brand.

Item # Excel 20015 or PRO-1150

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