Airfix Quick Build

QUICKBUILD is an exciting range of simple, brick-based model kits ideal for kids. Complete with stands, stickers and rolling wheels, these make great toys designed to last. QUICKBUILD isn’t just for kids though, as adults can enjoy their high build quality for use as display models, making QUICKBUILD the perfect addition to any collection.

Designed for Everyone
It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Airfix pro, a beginner, or simply want to introduce your kid to a new hobby, Airfix QUICKBUILD is always fun to put together. And with no need to glue or paint, QUICKBUILD works for everyone regardless of skill!

Quick and Easy
The QUICKBUILD blocks snap together, meaning no glue and no fuss. All of the models use pre-coloured blocks, so kids can enjoy their model as soon as it’s built. QUICKBUILD’s robust quality lets kids play till their heart’s content.

Brick by Brick
We all live busy lives, so QUICKBUILD’s speedy construction lets you add to your collection fast, without sacrificing quality. QUICKBUILD’s extensive range gives you plenty of choice; cars, helicopters, aircraft, and tanks available. Each QUICKBUILD model is designed to the impeccable standards you’ve come to expect from Airfix.

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