Super Glue – Cyanoacrylate CA Glue – Tips and Advice

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Topics include:

  • How to Remove Super Glue from Hands and Surfaces
  • How Remove Glue from Granite Countertop
  • How to Store Cyanoacrylate Glue – super glue, CA Glue
  • The Best Wood Glues for Your Project
  • Gap Filling and Repairs with Super Glue
  • How to Choose the Best Super Glues

How to Remove Super Glue from Hands and Surfaces
Super glue sticks to almost any type of surface in an instant. The fast-drying adhesive creates one of the strongest bonds in the world. If super glue touches your fingers, the glue can damage your skin. Despite its strength, many commercial and household items remove super glue.

When buying super glue, consider purchasing a solvent in case of any accidents. If super glue drips onto your skin, stay clam and read the solvent’s instructions. After applying the solvent to the affected area, rinse your skin to remove any residue.

If you don’t own any solvent, some household items remove super glue. Nail polisher remover and rubbing alcohol work on both skin and work surfaces. Be careful of stained wood or kitchen tabletops as nail polisher remover will damage the surface.

To avoid future accidents, lay down newspapers or cardboard to catch any dripping super glue. Since super glue dries in minutes/seconds, wear latex gloves for an extra layer of protection.

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How Remove Glue from Granite Countertops
When glue drips or spills onto your granite countertops, attend to the surface right away. The longer you let the glue dry, the more the adhesive settles.

First protect your hands with latex gloves. Once protected, use a sponge or wet cloth to clear the surface. Granite cleaners provide the best results in cleaning glue spills, but other methods also work.

Without any granite countertop cleaner, a combination of soap and water also cleans the surface. Avoid any strong, chemical filled cleaners. The cleaning products may remove the glue, but you also risk damaging your granite countertops.

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How to Store Cyanoacrylate “CA” Glue
After using cyanoacrylate (CA) glue for woodworking, models or projects, proper storage extends its lifetime.

An opened bottle of CA glue lasts between and six and 12 months before curing. Preserve opened bottles with its cap in dry areas to avoid moisture. High humidity or moist conditions quickens the curing process.

If you purchase large CA glue containers for transfer to smaller bottles, use polyethylene bottles.  Avoid any bottles with pumps or sprays as warm temperatures may cause the glue to leak from the nozzle.

For the longest shelf life, store open bottles in a jar with a tight lid along with a desiccant pack. The desiccant soaks up any moisture and prevents the CA glue from curing.

Unopened bottles will cure over time, so store them in a freezer for an extended shelf life. If you plan to use frozen CA glue, let it rest and reach room temperature.

Do not store opened bottles in the freezer. The condensation from thawing CA glue creates moisture, which cures the glue.

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The Best Wood Glues for Your Project
Woodworking projects depend on proper glue for strong bonds of joints and surfaces. A glue used to attach table legs won’t provide the same strength for a wooden boat. Like the specific tools for a project, proper glue achieves the best results.

When using glue for any project, consider the climate and environmental conditions. White glue provides a strong bond, but the slow drying property makes it weak choice for woodworking. In warmer weather, white glue softens, which won’t secure joints or bonds.

If your project involves water, use glue designed for the proper conditions. Water resistant glue might work well for an outdoor bird house, but it will fail when building boats. Waterproof glue better suits boat-building and any other wood projects in water.

If your project involves many pieces, use a faster drying glue. A larger wood surface or fewer pieces won’t need fast drying adhesives, so instead try a gap filling glue.

Dozens of wood glues assist different types of projects, so consider all options first.

Gap Filling and Repairs with Super Glue
A super glued joint creates a strong bond, but the glue sometimes won’t spread to the edges. To fill the gaps, a few steps and some filler will secure the joint.

  1. Place glue over the joint or surface where needed.
  2. Fill the gap with foam or plastic by cutting or tearing a small piece.
  3. Pack the filler into the gap’s corners using a blade, screwdriver or tool. Using a tool prevents any glue from touching your fingers.

Be careful of possible fumes created by mixing the glue and foam. If fuming, pull your head away from the affected area.

The foam, whether used to fill gaps or as a temporary fix, creates bond sometimes stronger than before the repair.

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How to Choose the Best Super Glues
With dozens of glues on store shelves or in online inventories, any builder will struggle to find the right adhesive. When considering project materials, conditions and purpose, one glue might not fit all your needs. Before buying, consider the following:

  1. All-purpose super glue – The all-purpose glue works great on majority of surfaces. When you apply the glue to both objects, the fast-drying adhesive creates a strong bond. Use a toothpick or pop-sicle stick for precision application on smaller areas.
  2. Cyanoacrylate (CA) glue – CA Glue dries faster than all purpose super glue, and almost in an instant. Like all purpose super glue, CA glue works well on most surfaces. Avoid using CA glue on leather, nylon and silk, as dried glue will cause the material to become brittle.
  3. Jewellers cement – Although slower drying than super glue, jewellers cement creates a clear, waterproof bond in about 10 minutes. Unlike CA glue, jewellers cement dries strong on leather, nylon and silk.

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