Consignments and Estate Sales

We want your hobby related items!

We are always interested in purchasing from our community.

We Buy:

  • Plastic model kits – all brands
  • Diorama Collection
  • Games Workshop – Warhammer, including completed collections
  • D&D – Dungeons & Dragons
  • distinctive products
  • other products we carry

Why would I sell my collection?

We understand life events can change our day-to-day routine, including how and when we enjoy our hobbies. If you’ve moved homes, downsized space, or even inherited an estate, you may need to pare back your collection. We can help.

Why should I sell my collection to Sunward Hobbies?

We handle your collection with care. We understand the passion and attention put into building your collection. We want to preserve that enthusiasm and share it with our community. All items sold will go back into the hands of a new hobby enthusiast looking to add to their own collection.

How do I sell to Sunward Hobbies?

If you want to sell part of your collection or your entire collection to us, our consignment and estate sales are handled professionally and fairly. We make payment to you up front so there is no need to wait for items to sell.

For our staff’s safety, we do not carry cash. All payments are made by e-transfer and or direct deposit). We reserve the right to decline any collection and items proposed for sale.

For details, please contact us:

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