Why Use Abteilung 502 Dense Acrylic Color Review

An Oil Paint Alternative Part 1: What are Dense Acrylic Series Paints? Skillset: Beginner to Advanced by James Wooldridge The Abteilung 502 Dense Acrylic Tube tube range is ideal for artists, fantasy figures, science fiction, naval, aircraft, and military modelers. The dense acrylic formula offers maximum opacity and coverage, combined with the vividness and intensity … Read more

How to use Vallejo Paint and Thinners

Using Vallejo Acrylic Paints and Thinners In this Sunward Hobbies tutorial I’ll be showing you some tips on how to hand brush and spray Vallejo Acrylics and Metal Color. As always, all the materials used are available at the store. Vallejo paint is, in my opinion, the nicest smelling product on the market. The range … Read more

Tamiya Electric Handy Drill Build and Review

A Step by Step Build of the Tamiya Handy Drill This drill kit is a lightweight, easy to assemble, inexpensive, and powerful for its size. It runs on 2 “AA” batteries. Kit Contents: Sprues in individual plastic bags a detailed instruction sheet Contents of plastic bag on the right purposefully left as you receive it … Read more

How to Use AK Interactive Weathering Pencils

How to Use AK Interactive Weathering Pencils by James Wooldridge What Are they? AK Interactive Weathering Pencils are 37 Special non-toxic water pencil colors. Weathering Pencils can be described as a type of greasepaint in a pencil, specifically designed for creating modeling effects. The specialized composition is formulated from a water-soluble, non-acrylic, semi-grease-based wax composite … Read more

Dry Brushing Techniques Tutorial for Plastic Model Kits

Dry Brushing Techniques Tutorial for Plastic Model Kits In this Sunward Hobbies tutorial, I’ll guide you through some easy techniques to bring life to your project with Dry Brushing. As always, all the products used in this article are available at Sunward Hobbies. I didn’t use anything special to get the effects you’ll see. Probably … Read more

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