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1945 German Colors. Camouflage Profile Guide

This book analyzes original, eye-catching color variants and camouflage patterns introduced by the German Army late 1944 as used during the last year of the war, 1945. Throughout the guides 72 pages the modeler will find inspiration for the next project. The book contains more than 180 color renderings showing the many camouflage patterns used on common vehicles, and oddities used by the German forces.

Included the reader will find vehicles such as the Panther, Pz. IV, Tiger I y II, Stugs, Artillery Guns, Halftracks and more. A special section of the book will help us interpret black and white photographs, and also a chapter about “What If” and “Paper Panzers”. We also include a section where we observe taking renderings to finished models.

The perfect complement for new acrylic set AK 554 German Late War Colors.

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Pages: 72
UPC: 8436535574037
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