Alpha Abrasives Adhesive Back Hobby Film and Profiling Sticks 204


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The Adhesive Backed abrasive makes it fun and easy to produce your own sanding tools! This kit contains 3 acrylic shapes square, round, and triangle for polishing and sanding.

The adhesive backing leaves no residue on your custom sanding tools and the abrasive is easy to remove and reapply elsewhere.

The Adhesive Backed Hobby Film package contains one sheet of 150, 320, 400, 600 & 1000 grit providing a gradual progression from coarse to fine for superior results.

Size: 3” X 8”


  • 1 sheet of each grit 150, 320, 480, 600 and 1000
  • 3 profiling acrylic sticks.

Item: ALB-204

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