Black Brush Type Gundam Marker GM20


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A magic marker loaded with paint in the exact shade designated by the creators, these make it very handy to paint your Gundam models with no mess and no fuss.

You can ink into the hollow lines in the mold easily because of the tip of it is brush. It is available to ink on painted surface by GUNDAM MARKER, GUNDAM COLOR, MR COLOR or AQUEOUS COLOR because it is water based paint. And you can remove the excess paint by using swab or rubber eraser.

Gundam Marker Pen is a popular brush pen designed to easily recreate the original colors of Gundam and BB Warriors. The fine brush tip is perfect for the finer details

The marker for painting uses good color smooth alcohol type paint.

By Mr. Hobby / Gunze/ GSI Creos ( Formerly Gunze Sangyo )

Item: GUZ-GM20

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