Cushioned Abrasive Pads Refills 400 Grit ALB 904


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Cushioned Abrasive Pads Refills 400 Grit

For use with Flexible Detail Sanding Kit Item # 0901

The flexible rubber design of the Detail Sander allows hobbyists to get around tight corners and into the nooks and crannies of any project be it big or small.  The assorted grits available can be used to produce smoothed and distressed looks.

This product is a cushioned back sanding pad especially designed up for the Flexible Detail Sander.  Use it wet or dry on wood, metal, and plastics depending on your application.  This product is 100% waterproof and is washable and reusable.  Each package contains 6 foam back up pads.

Contents: 6 abrasive pads per package

Size: approximately 3” / 8cm x 1″/ 2.5cm

Colour – gray and white

By: Alpha Abrasives

Available separately in 180, 240, and 400 Grit

Items # ALB-904

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