Free Shipping Exempt Areas

The following are postal codes in Canada where free shipping does not apply. This list is subject to change without notice.

A0A* A0B* A0C* A0E* A0G* A0H* A0J* A0K* A0L* A0M* A0N* A1K* A1L* A1M* A1S* A1V* A1W*
A1X* A1Y* A2A* A2B* A2H* A2N* A5A* A8A*
A0P0A1 A0P0A2 A0P0A4 A0P0A7 A0P0A8 A0P0A9 A0P1A0 A0P1G0 A0P1J0 A0P1L0 A0P1N0 A0P1P0
G0G0A2 G0G0A3 G0G0A7 G0G0B3 G0G0B4 G0G0B5 G0G0C7 G0G0C8 G0G1G0 G0G1M0 G0G1S0 G0G1T0
G0G2C0 G0G2R0 G0G2W0 G0G2Y0
J0M0A1 J0M0A3 J0M0A4 J0M0A6 J0M0A7 J0M0A8 J0M0A9 J0M0B1 J0M0B2 J0M0B4 J0M0B5 J0M0B6
J0M0B7 J0M1A0 J0M1C0 J0M1G0 J0M1H0 J0M1J0 J0M1K0 J0M1M0 J0M1N0 J0M1P0 J0M1S0 J0M1T0
J0M1V0 J0M1X0 J0M1Y0
P0L0A7 P0L0B2 P0L0B4 P0L1A0 P0L1H0 P0L1S0 P0L2H0 P0T0A1 P0T0B1 P0T0B2 P0T0C7 P0T1L0
P0T1Z0 P0T2L0 P0T3A0 P0T3B0 P0V0A1 P0V0A3 P0V0A7 P0V0B1 P0V0B4 P0V0B8 P0V0B9 P0V0C1
P0V0C2 P0V0C3 P0V0C4 P0V0C5 P0V0C7 P0V1B0 P0V1E0 P0V1G0 P0V1J0 P0V1N0 P0V1V0 P0V1W0
P0V1Y0 P0V1Z0 P0V2G0 P0V2L0 P0V2P0 P0V2Y0 P0V2Z0 P0V3B0 P0V3E0 P0V3G0
R0B0A0 R0B0A1 R0B0A2 R0B0A4 R0B0B0 R0B0B2 R0B0B5 R0B0B6 R0B0B9 R0B0C3 R0B0C4 R0B0C5
R0B0C6 R0B0C7 R0B0C8 R0B0C9 R0B0E0 R0B0E2 R0B0E3 R0B0M0 R0B0N0 R0B0T0 R0B0V0 R0B0Z0
R0B1C0 R0B1G0 R0B1H0 R0B1J0 R0B1K0 R0B1N0 R0B1Z0 R0B2B0 R0B2C0 R0B2E0 R0B2G0 R0B2H0
S0J0B9 S0J0C2 S0J0G6 S0J0G8 S0J0H0 S0J0H1 S0J0W0 S0J2R0 S0J2W0 S0J3C0
T0A* T0B* T0C* T0E* T0G* T0H* T0J* T0K* T0L* T0M* T0P* T0V* T1L* T1W* T9H* T9J* T9K*
V0A* V0B* V0C* V0E* V0G* V0H* V0J* V0K* V0L* V0M* V0N* V0P* V0R* V0S* V0T* V0V* V0W*
X0A* X0B* X0C* X0E* X0G*
Y0A* Y0B*