Grex GCK03 Airbrush Combo Kit with Tritium.TG3 AC1810-A Compressor Accessories


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Complete Set Includes:
Tritium.TG3 Pistol Grip Gravity Feed Airbrush
AC1810-A Compressor
Airbrush Hose

Easy-to-use and comfortable Premium Grex Tritium.TS airbrush
Stylish, quiet, feature-rich and portable Grex AC1810-A airbrush compressor
The G-MAC gives you precise unrestricted airflow control at your fingertips
Reservoirs included: 7mL and 15mL gravity cups and side Siphon w/ 30mL bottle
30mL bottle of Private Stock premium grade, water based acrylic airbrush color

Made in Taiwan

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