Grex Genesis.XSi3 Dual Action Side Feed Airbrush


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The Genesis.XSi is the side fed version of two new airbrushes that showcase Grex’s continued efforts in airbrush innovation; focused on ergonomics and adaptability. The defining design element is the ergonomic hand grip set (patent pending) that provides improved comfort and handling. It is specifically engineered for maximum adaptability by leveraging the already wide selection of accessories available from Grex.

Nozzle: 0.3mm
Type: Double Action
Fluid Nozzle: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, or 0.5mm (Sold separately)
Feed Type: Side Gravity
Fluid Capacity: 7mL (1/4 oz.), 15mL (1/2 oz.), 30mL (1 oz.) Side Siphon
Weight: 120g (4.3 oz.)
Length: 155mm (6.25″)
Oper. Pressure: 5 ~ 80psi (0.34 ~ 5.52bar)

Slip-on ergonomic grip optimized for comfort and handling. (Patent Pending)
Cutting edge design for precise control of fine detailed work.
Internally mixed media for fine atomization.
Patented Quick-Fit™ needle caps are quick and easy to setup and remove.
Quick-Fit™ crown cap allows detailed spraying close to work surface.
Rear handle Quick-Fit™ needle cap storage for quick and convenient access.
Interchangeable side mount reservoirs use the perfect reservoir for your project.
Left of right mount side reservoir to accomodate left and right hand users.
360 degree adjustable reservoirs allows you to work in any position and angle.
Side reservoirs allow a straight line of sight to where you’re spraying.
Preset adjustment knob for precise paint volume control.
Replaceable solvent proof teflon seals allows use of all media.
Includes 3 reservoirs: 7mL (1/4 oz.), 15mL (1/2 oz.), 30mL (1 oz.) siphon
Includes AD32 Side-Feed to Siphon Plug-In Adapter
Precisely machined stainless steel nozzle and needle.
New nozzle design for improved air flow and durability.
Durable heavy nickel chrome plated housing.
Convenient to clean design for ease of maintenance.
Short passageway from cup to nozzle for a responsive feel.
Convert to different nozzle sizes with optional kits.
Plastic carrying case for airbrush storage

Illustration, Fine art, Murals, Textile, Automotive, Body art, Woodworks, hobby, and more.

Made in Taiwan

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