K1 Round Aluminum Handle and Extra Blades 15001 Excel Hobby


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Versatile aluminum hobby knife with #11 blade.

Perfect for precision cutting, trimming, and stripping of paper, plastic, wood, cloth, and film. Light weight body fits with all standard craft knife blades including Xacto Knife.

Perfect tool for hobby and arts and crafts – scrapbooking, model kits, paper crafts, with a textured grip handle for maximum control and stability

5/16″ x 4 3/4″ L with 4 jaw machined aluminum chuck for secure blade positioning, includes Super Sharp Blade and a Snug fitting plastic Cap or Scabbard for your protection.

comes with:

  • lite duty knife – K1
  • Safety Cap
  • 5 #20011 Blades or Proedge 40011

Length: 4 3/4 inches

Item # Excel 15001 or PRO-13001

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