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Mr Base White 1000 is the white basecoat or primer paint / fine surfacer of the Mr. Hobby line. The 1000 signifies the particle size in the Mr. Hobby line, with 1000 being a mid level coating. Due to the fine particle size of Mr. Base White 1000, the paint can be applied via air brush, or brushed on with fine disposable brushes (microbrush) or paint brushes.

The paint will clean up with lacquer thinner. Mr. Base White 1000 is a fairly thick lacquer based paint with the consistency of cream. It can be thinned with nail polish remover (acetone) although it is best thinned with lacquer thinner, or Gunze Sanyo’s Mr. Color Thinner

The effect:
Primer masking the original color of plastic.Perfectly prepares the model for painting bright, less opaque color.

Distributed any surface imperfections before painting the correct color. Properly used cover small cracks and cavities, eliminating the need for the additional filling traditional methods.

Directions for use:
Apply evenly over the entire surface. After 40 minutes, suitable for abrasive machining. After curing, it is recommended that water polishing grit paper in 1000, or higher paying attention to possible scratches. It is recommended that application and grinding in several layers, until a satisfactory result.

Size: 40ml liquid

By Mr. Hobby / Gunze
GSI Creos ( Formerly Gunze Sangyo )

Item: GUZ-SF283

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