Mr Finishing Surfacer Grey Gray 1500 by Mr Hobby Gunze 40ml GUZ-SF289 SF289


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This surfacer can be applied to give a final finish to the surface more smoothly.It has the characteristic of being fine grained and it is not prone to clogging up detail in the mold. Most suitable not only for making a base before painting but also for surface finishing of an original mold before casting.

For elimination of scratches, irregularities, and defects and to give a smooth surface structure before final painting. They can be used for plastic, resin, and metal.

Mr.Surfacer is acrylic primers based feed, organic solvents, and pigments . They should be diluted with a solvent Mr.Leveling Thinner 110 ml against at least 1: 1-2 .
Mr.Surfacer 1500 includes smallest grain of all 4 Surfacer ( 500,1000,1200,1500 )

How to use :
Spread evenly over the entire surface . After 40 minutes, suitable for abrasive machining . After curing, it is recommended that the water polishing paper grit 1000 or higher paying attention to possible scratches. It is recommended that application and grinding in several layers, until a satisfactory result.

Size: 40ml liquid

By Mr. Hobby / Gunze

Item: GUZ-SF289

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