Tamiya Craft Scissors For Plastic and Soft Metal 74124


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These versatile scissors are a must-have addition to every modeler”s tool kit – not only can the high-quality blades cut through plastic such as the polycarbonate used on many Tamiya R/C model bodies, they can also handle softer metals and other materials/thicknesses above and beyond the capabilities of standard scissors.

Length: 170mm; blade length: 40mm.
Blade material: anti-rust treated stainless steel.
Features a stylish navy blue grip.

Suitable material thicknesses that may be cut: Note: materials and thicknesses are intended as a guideline only.

Tamiya Pla-plate: up to 1.2mm
Tamiya Clear Pla-plate: up to 0.5mm
Polycarbonate: up to 1.0mm
Other plastics: up to 1.0mm
Aluminum: up to 0.5mm
Copper/Brass/Nickel: up to 0.3mm
Leather: up to 2.0mm
Paper: up to 2.0mm
Cardboard/Rubber sheeting: up to 5.0mm

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