Tamiya Lacquer Paint Thinner 10ml 82100 LP10 LP-10


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A dedicated thinner for use with Tamiya Color Lacquer Paints: diluting, or cleaning airbrushes and paint brushes.

Bottle contents: 10ml

Lacquer Paints
Tamiya Color bottled Lacquer Paints are highly versatile – whether using them to airbrush large areas, or pick out fine details with a brush, their stunning, consistent tones add superlative realism to your model. Their tough membrane suits them ideally to use as a basecoat, resistant to enamel paints, while swift drying times ensure an efficient painting process. A dedicated thinner is available.

Solvent from the Color Lacquer Paint range from Tamiya. The bottle includes 10 ml of product, and can also be used as thinner for the “Liquid surface primer white” by Tamiya.

Item: LP10

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