• Alclad II ALC 710 Candy Cobalt Blue Enamel

Alclad II ALC 710 Candy Cobalt Blue Enamel


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Candy Finishes from Alclad II

Size: 1 fl oz/ 30ml

Item#: ALC 710 Candy Cobalt Blue Enamel

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The surfaces to be painted must be thoroughly clean and free from dust, grease,oil and finger marks.

Apply the correct primer for the type of Alclad being used.

ALCLAD should be sprayed at 12-15psi. Spray from a distance of 2-3 inches from the surface being painted using a narrow to medium width spray fan. Use the airbrush like a paint brush-aim to cover the model in a methodical manner.

Buffing is not necessary-tonal variation can be made by polishing selected panels with Micromesh.

Candy Enamels:
Bright Silver Candy Base:
Shake thoroughly before use. Do not thin. Surfaces must be completely clean. Apply 1 medium coat at 20-30PSI to clean bare plastic. Dry time 15-30 minutes. As the carrier evaporates the shine will develop. Allow to cure for 1 hour before coating with Alclad Candy Enamels. Avoid using in excessively damp or humid conditions.Finger marks on the bare plastic will appear in the final finish.

Candy Enamel top coats:
Shake thoroughly before use. Do not thin. Apply over Alclad Bright Silver Candy Base. Spray light coat at 20-25PSI. Wait 5 minutes. Apply further even coasts. Allow 5 minutes between each coat. Leave to cure for 2 hours before handling.