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Excel Blades #6 Micro Stencil Edge Blade is the perfect blade for scoring and trimming delicate materials. We coat the blade with a thin layer of oil for rust protection. This versatile replacement blade fits with all standard light and medium duty craft knives including the Xacto Knife.

Made in the USA, the #6 Micro Stencil Edge Blade features a razor-sharp, stencil edge that allows you to make a more skillful and detailed cut without ripping or tearing the material. This blade is great for trimming, etching, and scoring delicate materials like paper, film, leather, frisket, cork, plastic, wax, clay, vinyl, card-stock, soft wood, canvas, foam, architect’s linen, mylar, stencil sheets and cardboard. The perfect tool for graphic artists, designers, hobbyists, scrapbook artists, architects, model crafters, wrappers, crafters, and stencil artists.

The #6 Micro Stencil Edge Blade fits with Excel Blades K1, K3, K17, K18, K26 & K30 handles
Includes a pack of (5) #6 Micro Stencil Edge Blades
L – 1.410/ H – 0.250/ E – 0.332/ S – 0.250/ T – 0.020

Excel or Proedge brand

Item # Excel 20006 or PRO-1680

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