Pro98 Motors

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The following is the current product listing for Cesaroni CTI Pro-98 motors.  Please allow enough time to check for factory inventory and to deliver to your location.  HAZMAT and shipping fees may apply.  Pickup is free.

Proof of membership in CAR-ACF, Tripoli, or NAR may be required – please provide with your order.

All CTI products are for sale to Age 18 and up.

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Pro98 Reload KitsPart NumberNotesPrice
2 Grain Reload KitL610-P279.95
3 Grain Reload KitM1060-P429.95
4 Grain Reload KitM1450-P569.95
6 Grain Reload KitN2500-P799.95
6XL Reload Kit17613-N2900-P949.95
Moonburners (1.4C) – Classic
3 Grain Reload KitM520-P459.95
4Grain Reload KitM975-P599.95
6 Grain Reload KitN1100-P829.95
3 Grain Reload Kit7469M1290-P429.95
4 Grain Reload Kit10367N1800-P(its an ‘N’ !)569.95
6 Grain Reload Kit15227N2501-P799.95
6GXL Reload Kit19318N3301-P(that’s close to a full ‘N’)949.95
White Moonburners (1.4C)
6GXL Grain Reload Kit1680N1560-P949.95
White Thunder 
2 Grain Reload Kit5342-M1560-P279.95
3 Grain Reload KitM2505-P429.95
4 Grain Reload Kit9994-M3400-P569.95
6 Grain Reload Kit13628-N5600-P879.95
1 Grain Reload kitK1620-P169.95
2 Grain Reload KitL3150-P289.95
3 Grain Reload KitM4770-P449.95
4 Grain Reload Kit8634M6400-P589.95
6 Grain Reload Kit10347N10000-P799.95
Red Lightning
4 Grain Reload KitM1890-P569.95
6 Grain Reload Kitfor PRO HWN3180-P799.95
6 Grain Reload Kitfor RMS HWN3180-Pdiscontinued
6XL Reload Kit17790-N4100-P949.95
5 Grain Reload Kit12066-N2200-P699.95
Requires Pro98-6G with spacer, or Pro98-6GXL with regular spacer and XL spacer. Not compatible with RMS.
4 Grain Reload Kit8088-M1790-P569.95
6 Grain Reload Kit11077-N2600-P799.95
6XL Reload Kit14263-N3400-P949.95
Blue Streak
3 Grain Reload Kit7579-M1520-P429.95
4 Grain Reload Kit9870-M1800-P569.95
6 Grain Reload Kitfor PRO HW13767-N2850-P799.95
6XL Reload Kit17632-N3800-P949.95
6XL Reload Kit20146-N5800-P1149.95
6XL Reload Kit21062-O3400-PIt’s an ‘O’ !1279.99
Green 3
6 Grain Reload Kit14272N1975-P929.99
6XL Reload Kit17907-N2540-P1099.99