Pro24 motors

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The following is the current product listing for Cesaroni CTI Pro-24 motors.  Please allow enough time to check for factory inventory and to deliver to your location.  HAZMAT and shipping fees may apply.  Pickup is free.

Proof of membership in CAR-ACF, Tripoli, or NAR may be required – please provide with your order.

All CTI products are for sale to Age 18 and up.

Phone 416-953-1847 or email

Pro24 Reload Kits Part Number Notes Price
3G Reload Kit 75F51-12A 16.99
3G Reload Kit 73F30-6A Longburn 16.99
6G Reload Kit HP142G117-11A 22.99
6G Reload Kit HP144G65-8A Longburn 22.99
6G Reload Kit HP139G107-12A Dual Thrust 22.99
Blue Streak
2G Reload Kit 50F51-13A 15.49
6G Reload Kit 143G150-13A 22.99
White Thunder
1G Reload Kit 26E31-15A 13.99
2G Reload Kit 53F70-14A 15.49
3G Reload Kit HP75F85-15A 16.99
Red Lightning
6G Reload Kit HP137G127-14A 22.99
6G Reload Kit HP140G145-15A 22.99
3G Reload Kit HP60F50-13A 16.99
6G Reload Kit HP114G100-14A 22.99
6G Reload Kit 131G84-10A 22.99
Smoky Sam
1G Reload Kit 24E22-13A 13.99
3G Reload Kit 68F79-13A 16.99
1G Reload Kit 25E75-17A 13.99
3G Reload Kit 68F240-15A 16.99